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single spree

Arrive during the course of the day. Pick up your rental bike.

single spree

Day 2: Around Burg Distance: approx. The route takes you through all three districts. Continue past the maze garden to the Bismarck Tower and Weiden Cathedral.

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Day 3: Burg — Cottbus — Burg Distance: approx. Cycle back to Burg via the route on which you came or take the longer but prettier route past the old fortification town of Peitz.

«Монокль» явился провозвестником новой эры персональных компьютеров: благодаря ему пользователь имел возможность просматривать поступающую информацию и одновременно контактировать с окружающим миром. Кардинальное отличие «Монокля» заключалось не в его миниатюрном дисплее, а в системе ввода информации. Пользователь вводил информацию с помощью крошечных контактов, закрепленных на пальцах.

Контакты соединялись в определенной последовательности, которую компьютер затем расшифровывал и переводил на нормальный single spree.

Day 4: Burg — Straupitz - Burg Distance: approx. The two lakes invite you for a swim on a warm summer day. In Straupitz you may want to visit the old granary, single spree Schinkel Church, and the Dutch wind mill. The mill offers a show of how grain is cut, ground, and pressed.

single spree

single spree

Experience pure nature near Burg-Kauper whilst cycling approx. Continue on the single spree trail to the small village on the lagoon, Lehde.

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Mail is still delivered by row boat there. Single spree cucumber and the open-air museum are further points of interest. Experience the market life in Lübbenau near the large harbour.

Mit mehr als Veranstaltungen wird auch im Frühjahr eine Vielfalt aus den Bereichen der allgemeinen, politischen, kulturellen und beruflichen Weiterbildung angeboten.

A small detour to the Spree Forest restaurant, Wotschofska, is recommendable. On your way back to Burg through Boblitz and Raddusch, be sure to visit the cucumber canning factory, Rabe, and enjoy the many Spree Forest specialties they have to offer.

Day 6: Departure from Burg Travellers are responsible for single spree homeward transportation after breakfast unless an extended stay was booked.

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