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Single regeneration budgets 1997


    single regeneration budgets 1997

    Studies 33 The Single Regeneration Budget SRB Challenge Fund aims not only to achieve its substantive aim of local economic regeneration, but also to change the way local partners operate. Strategy is crucial to both of these objectives.

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    This paper reviews the differing approaches taken to strategy, characterized by consultation, participation and generation of policy and project options. Based on interviews with 16 SRB partnerships and two government offices, it demonstrates that in the first round of SRB, partnerships adopted a range of strategy development approaches - a dynamic process which is not easily captured by the administrative structures used to implement the Challenge Fund.

    La notion de strategie est capitale pour ces deux objectifs-la.

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    Cet article fait la critique des differentes facons d'aborder la notion de single regeneration budgets 1997 et qui se caracterisent par la consultation, la participation et le choix de politiques et de projets alternatifs.

    Fur beide Ziele sind Strategien von entscheidender Bedeutung. Dieser Aufsatz bespricht die verschiedenen Wege, die zur Annahme einer Strategie beschritten wurden, und durch Beratung, Teilnahme, sowie Schaffung von Ziel - und Projektoptionen charakterisiert werden.

    single regeneration budgets 1997

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