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Single pilot passenger jet. Pilatus PC-12


    single pilot passenger jet

    The first flight of the first of two prototypes took place on May 31, Certification of the type was originally planned for mid but a redesign of the wings increase of wing span and addition of winglets to ensure performance guarantees were met delayed this. Swiss certification finally took place on March 30,and U.

    single pilot passenger jet

    Federal Aviation Administration approval followed on July 15, It is certified for single-pilot IFR operations, though operators may choose to utilize a second flight crew member. A pure freighter model is under consideration. It has gained a reputation for outstanding versatility, performance, reliability and operational flexibility.

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    As such, it is one of the most popular turbine-powered business aircraft on the market today. In operation around the single pilot passenger jet, the PC NG has found popularity in a number of roles - executive transport, cargo, air ambulance, airline, and government special mission applications.

    Whether it is the large cabin, single pilot operations, long range, low operating costs, high speed, short-field capability, or precision Swiss engineering and construction, customers find the perfect balance of features to serve their needs in the Single pilot passenger jet NG.