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Single-cell messenger rna sequencing reveals rare, Dr. Franz Baumdicker, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg

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Title: Antiviral potential of human IFN-a subtypes against influenza A H3N2 infection in human lung explants reveals subtype-specific activities. Title: Community richness of amphibian skin bacteria correlates with bioclimate at the global scale.

Zeitschrift: Nat.

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  • Missense variants in NOX1 and p22phox in a case of very-early-onset inflammatory bowel disease are functionally linked to NOD2.
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  • We could recently demonstrate that even closely related subtypes, i.

Title: Day and night: Metabolic profiles and evolutionary relationships of six axenic non-marine cyanobacteria. Zeitschrift: Genome Biol. Title: Identification of Ppargamma-modulated miRNA hubs that target the fibrotic tumor microenvironment. Zeitschrift: Proc. Title: Inactivation of Sox9 in fibroblasts reduces cardiac fibrosis and inflammation. Title: Low-load pathogen spillover predicts shifts in skin microbiome and survival of a terrestrial-breeding amphibian. Title: Multiplex profiling of inflammation-related bioactive lipid mediators in Mittelbayerische zeitung bekanntschaft canis- and Toxocara cati-induced neurotoxocarosis.

Zeitschrift: PLoS Negl. Title: Neutrophils-related host factors associated with severe disease and fatality in single-cell messenger rna sequencing reveals rare with influenza infection. Title: Organ-specific small non-coding RNA responses in domestic Sudani ducks experimentally infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N1. Zeitschrift: RNA.

Zeitschrift: Cancer Invest.

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Zeitschrift: Diseases. Zeitschrift: MBio.

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Title: Therapeutic modulation of RNA -binding protein Rbm38 facilitates re-endothelialization after arterial injury. Zeitschrift: Cardiovasc.

Zeitschrift: Front Microbiol.

Title: Anti-androgenic therapy with finasteride improves cardiac function, attenuates remodeling and reverts pathologic gene-expression after myocardial infarction in mice. Zeitschrift: J.

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Zeitschrift: Cancer Genet. Title: Birth, evolution, and transmission of satellite-free mammalian centromeric domains.

Zeitschrift: Genome Res. Title: Corrigendum to "Anti-androgenic therapy with finasteride improves cardiac function, attenuates remodeling and reverts pathologic gene-expression after myocardial infarction in mice" [Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology Cell Cardiol.

single-cell messenger rna sequencing reveals rare single frauen viersen

Title: Decreased production of class-switched antibodies in neonatal B cells is associated with increased expression of miRb. Zeitschrift: PLoS. Title: Exome sequencing and case-control analyses identify RCC1 as a candidate breast cancer susceptibility gene.

Zeitschrift: Int.


Title: Interferon-beta expression and type I interferon receptor signaling of hepatocytes prevent hepatic necrosis and virus dissemination in Coxsackievirus B3-infected mice. Title: Long-term neuroinflammation induced by influenza A virus infection and the impact on hippocampal neuron morphology and function.

Title: Of mice and men: the host response to influenza virus infection. Zeitschrift: Mamm.

Zeitschrift: Pediatr. Title: Worlds apart - Transcriptome profiles of key oral microbes in the periodontal pocket compared to single laboratory single-cell messenger rna sequencing reveals rare reflect synergistic interactions.

Prof. Dr. Gert Bange, Philipps-University Marburg

Zeitschrift: Front. Zeitschrift: Cell Oncol.

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Title: A novel immune biomarker IFI27 discriminates between influenza and bacteria in patients with suspected respiratory infection. Zeitschrift: Eur. Band: 49 Issue: 6 DOI: Title: Alloantigen-induced regulatory t cells generated in presence of vitamin c display enhanced stability of foxp3 expression and promote skin allograft acceptance.

Title: Amphibian skin microbiota exhibits temporal variation in community structure but stability of predicted Bd-inhibitory function. Zeitschrift: ISME. Zeitschrift: Breast Cancer Res Treat. Title: Clinical and biological manifestation of RNF deficiency in two polish siblings.

Zeitschrift: Genome Announc.

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Band: 5 Issue: 34 DOI: Title: Complete genome sequences of three multidrug-resistant clinical isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 19A with different susceptibilities to the myxobacterial metabolite carolacton.

Title: Divergent co-transcriptomes of different host cells infected with Toxoplasma gondii reveal cell type-specific host-parasite interactions.

single-cell messenger rna sequencing reveals rare partnersuche flirt tipps

Zeitschrift: Sci.