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Sie sind noch kein Mitglied? Fakten über Basel-Stadt Einwohner: ca. Die Chancen einen neuen Partner kennen zu lernen sind somit im am dichtesten besiedelten Kanton der Schweiz überdurchschnittlich hoch.

Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Andere Ich über mich selbst: I do not like After Eight chocolate whether it is after eight or any other time Quick-witted, international education, well travelled. I tend to procrastinate and I am a overall "doofus".

partnersuche region basel

I am an underrated stalker with no redeeming qualities to speak of. I am into head games and love the company of like minded people.

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I have breakfast with my toaster, flirt with my CD-player and go to bed with a good book. I am interested in a sincere, honest man of fabulous wealth with the looks of a model, mansions in a few superb places, a speed boat, the Bentley and a UFO or any other kind of flying saucers, aircraft or rockets to go holidaying on the moon.

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Of course he partnersuche region basel cook like a world renowned chef who loves romantic nights in and an occasional party, besides being a connaisseur of partnersuche region basel red wines and single malts. He loves dancing, not only when going out.

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He detests soap operas and watching sports on TV or at events all the time. However, he likes watersports, e. He absolutely adores house chores and housekeeping, doing laundry and ironing besides taking care of the garden.

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He enjoys the smell of roses and generally has a very positive attitude towards life even if the road of life at times is bumpy. Above all he likes it when I constantly flip the TV channels. Before I start a relationship with my fridge or even think about buying a freezer, I wonder where this special single, educated, serious, honest, humourous gentleman with an excellent personality and maturity, agewise in his 40s or 50s, is hiding?

If you are "baggage-free" even better. All partnersuche region basel that profilbeschreibung partnersuche with a jacuzzi and hot tub, not to forget the Ketchup, and yes, can I have all this with fries please?

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Alternatively to appliances it could well be you I am looking for. Did I mention that I have a wicked sense of humour? Well, time will tell I look forward to hearing from you.

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