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    How can spelling rules be adapted to changes in the language? Can German spelling be simplified? And should we have an obligatory set of spelling rules at all?

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    These and other questions have lead to heated discussions in the field of German orthography over the last decades. For more than years, however, Germany has uniform spelling rules, which have undergone many a changes Our latest news always on Facebook.

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    From that point on, the influential "Duden", a dictionary of the German language, has tremendously fostered the development of German spelling rules kennenlernen noun the course of the 20th century and still serves as a standard.

    In the second half of the 20th century, the standardisation of spelling rules was still regarded as controversial, especially in the s. Kennenlernen noun, specific cases of doubt were discussed, kennenlernen noun well as the question of possible simplifications.

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    Eventually, inthe set of German spelling rules was officially reformed. This lead to numerous protests bekanntschaften machen to Germany splitting kennenlernen noun three big factions: Those who welcomed the reform, those who declined it, and others who wanted it to be modified.

    Moreover, there were many media and publishing houses beginning to use the grammatical rules they liked best instead of complying with the new standards.

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    Finally, German spelling was a complete chaos, also because other German speaking countries, like Switzerland and Austria, had their own opinions and practices. In the end, it took eight years of quarrels and modifications until kennenlernen noun new German spelling became accepted and obligatory kennenlernen noun August 1st, Letters are no longer omitted in compound words: Kaffeeernte, Rohheit, Schifffahrt, schnelllebig Plural after -ys: Babys Optional assimilation of a few foreign words Delfin, words with phon, phot, graph: Mikrofon, Geografie, words with th: only Panter and Tunfisch, also Katarr, Differenzial, Jogurt, Spagetti, Schikoree, Portmonee When kennenlernen noun words written separately and when are they written in one word?

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    Use of small letters the address in 2nd person can be written in capital letters - but only in letters: du, ihr, dein, euer Du, Ihr …. Capitalization names of daytimes after 'gestern', 'heute', 'morgen': gestern Abend Source: translation of the rules published at www.

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