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Erste Schritte Verwende die aktuelle stabile Version 7. PHP 7. The engine has been largely re-written, and PHP is now even quicker than older versions.

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You should try to upgrade to the latest stable version quickly - PHP 5. Upgrading is easy, as there are not many backwards compatibility breaks.


If you are not sure which version a function or feature is in, you can check the PHP documentation on the php. Install the latest version with this command: brew install php 7.

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Alternatively, you can use brew-php-switcher to switch PHP versions automatically. Install PHP via Macports The MacPorts Project is an open-source community initiative to design an easy-to-use system for compiling, installing, and upgrading either command-line, X11 or Aqua based open-source software on the OS X operating system. At this point, you can install php54, php55, php56, php70, php71, php72 or php73 using the port install command, for example: sudo port install php56 sudo port install php73 And you can run select command to switch your active PHP: sudo port select --set php php73 Install PHP via phpbrew phpbrew is a tool for installing and managing multiple PHP versions.

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Compile from Source Another option that gives you control over the version of PHP you install, is to compile it yourself. Installation unter Windows You can download the binaries from windows.

For learning and local development, you can use the built in webserver with PHP 5. That said, these tools will be a little different from production so be careful of environment differences if you are working on Windows and deploying to Linux.


If you need to run your production system on Windows, then IIS7 will give you the most stable and best performance. For support and additional resources there is a dedicated area on iis. Generally running your kahlan single file on different environment in development and production can lead kahlan single file strange bugs popping up when you go live.

If you are developing on Windows and deploying to Linux or anything non-Windows then you should consider using a Virtual Machine.

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Chris Tankersley has a very helpful blog post on what tools he uses to do PHP development using Windows.

For each team, CMS, or framework one works in, a standard directory structure is used by each of those entities.

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However, if one is starting a project alone, knowing which filesystem structure to use can be daunting. Paul M. Jones has done some fantastic research into common practices of tens of thousands of github projects in the realm of PHP. For other files and directories, abiding by the Standard PHP Package Skeleton will make the most sense to contributors of a project.

kahlan single file

Ein Team von Entwicklern auf dem selben Versionsstand kahlan single file Bibliotheken zu halten, kann ebenfalls umständlich werden. Du solltest den Einsatz einer virtuellen Maschine erwägen, wenn du unter Windows entwickelst und auf Linux oder ein anderes Nicht-Windows-Betriebssystem ausrollst oder in einem Team entwickelst. Das klingt kompliziert, aber mit Hilfe von Vagrant kannst du eine einfache virtuell Maschine in wenigen Schritten einrichten.

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Eine Basismaschine zu provisionieren, ist eine gute Methode um sicherzustellen, dass mehrere Maschinen identisch konfiguriert sind und kahlan single file den Bedarf von komplizierten Checklisten für das Setup.

Du kannst eine Basismaschine jederzeit zerstören und ohne viele manuelle Schritte mit einer kahlan single file Installation neu kahlan single file.

Vagrant erstellt geteilte Verzeichnisse, um den Code zwischen dem Host und den virtuellen Maschinen zu verteilen. Damit kannst du den Code auf der Hostmaschine bearbeiten und in den virtuellen Maschinen ablaufen lassen. Üblicherweise wählen PHP-Entwickler mehrere davon aus und kombinieren sie in kahlan single file einzelnen Projekt.

D'Hara - Sword of Truth - Rollenspiel (Englisch)

The Framework Interop Group has proposed and approved a series of style recommendations. You can use them for your own projects, or continue to use your own personal style. Ideally, you should write PHP code that adheres to a known standard. This kahlan single file other developers can easily read and work with your code, and applications that implement the components can have consistency even when working with lots of third-party code.