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K tron single screw feeder


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    Component A is specied here. Design Modular single screw feeder with base hopper mounted on a 3-point weighing system.

    k tron single screw feeder

    A variety of feeder screws allows for accomodation of various bulk materials. There are spiral- or auger feeder screws available with different diameters and with short or long k tron single screw feeder. Several feeder screws are equipped with shovels for better lling.

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    All parts in contact with the material being fed are stainless steel. The components are held together by V-clamps.

    Reinhard H. Quick Change Dosierer sind insbesondere für Anwendungen ausgelegt, die maximale Flexibilität bei der Dosierung und beim Materialwechsel erfordern.

    Controller: see separate data sheets The SmartConnex control system allows individual or multi-component control. Each feeder has its own control module.

    k tron single screw feeder

    A variety of protocols is available for connection to the plants host system. Attention: The following rates are theoretical values for free owing materials being fed volumetrically. Actual feed rates depend on individual material characteristics.

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    The feed range for loss-in-weight feeders is somewhat smaller. For feed rates at the upper or lower limits of the theoretical range, check with a K-Tron Test Lab. For continuous operation it is recommended that the motor speed should not drop below 5 0 RPM.

    Feed rates when using AC motors: The feed rates may here be roughly estimated through a calculation using the screw speeds.