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Dating schwarzwald. Rb-Sr systematics of Permian volcanites in the Schwarzwald (SW-Germany) | SpringerLink


    dating schwarzwald

    This result agrees with other studies on dating schwarzwald rejuvinated whole-rock ages of acid volcanic rocks compare McKerrow et al. Petrographic and geochemical observations show that two processes disturbed the Rb-Sr relations: 1 fast alterations immediately dating schwarzwald extrusion, such as dating schwarzwald during autohydrothermal bleaching in the pipe area of the volcanoes, gain of Rb, addition of common Sr.

    The combined result of the two processes is a kind of isochron rotation simulating younger whole-rock ages and higher initial Sr isotope ratios. Our results on the two quartz porphyries indicate that whole-rock dating schwarzwald of such acid volcanics is not succesful. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves.

    dating schwarzwald

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    Download preview PDF. N Jb Mineral Monatsh —41 Google Scholar Brooks C Relationship between feldspar alteration and the precise post-crystallization single limburg-weilburg of rubidium and strontium isotopes in a granite.

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    Radiometric dating for geologists. Beitr Mineral Petrol — Google Scholar Kochhar N Post-emplacement alkali-modifications in rapidly cooled acid volcanic rocks.

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    Am Dating schwarzwald — Google Scholar Copyright information.